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Instantly Publishing to Mastodon and also Twitter on New RSS Products

I assure I will not be making every upcoming message concerning Mastodon, yet as I understood I was basically restricting my Twitter usage to uploading concerning my brand-new blog sites, I figured why not automate that so I do not need to also open up Twitter? As well as I’m automating the message to Twitter, why refrain from doing the exact same for Mastodon? As constantly, I aim to Pipedream initially when constructing combinations similar to this, and also not remarkably, the whole automation took about 10 mins. Below’s exactly how I developed it.

Action One – the Trigger

For the trigger, Pipedream has actually integrated in a “New Product in Feed” activity. I chose that and also entered my RSS feed ( I after that examined it to validate it obtained my feed products. So to be clear, the whole “run this crap when a brand-new thing is uploaded” reasoning was performed in concerning sixty secs.

Screenshot of configured new item in feed trigger

Action 2 – Layout the Blog Post

So, for this action, I wished to develop the message that would certainly be utilized for both Mastodon and also Twitter. I invested time thinking of exactly how I wished to style this. In the past, I have actually in some cases done this for Twitter: “Post: ‘TItle of Message’ web link”. I’ll in some cases include a fast remark or shoutout to a product/service explained in the message. I made a decision to make it also easier for this process – the title in quotes, a line break, and also a web link.

I produced a Python code action for this:

 def trainer( pd: "pipedream"):.

# My objective is to develop the message utilized to tweet/toot the brand-new message.
# For my demands, I believed great and also basic would certainly be ideal:.
# "Title of message".
# (empty line).

message = f""".
" {pd.steps["trigger"]["event"]["title"]} ".


# Return information for usage in future actions.
return {"message": message}

Action 3 – Blog Post to Mastodon

As I pointed out a couple of days earlier, my very first time collaborating with Mastodon on Pipedream needed me to make use of Node as the Python collection would not function well. The problem I encountered was dealt with quite swiftly, so my presumption was that I was mosting likely to make use of Nevertheless, in addition to Pipedream repairing that specific problem, they likewise included assistance for Mastodon as a specified account, which suggests you can establish your verification (in this instance, simply the gain access to token) system-wide and also utilize it in numerous process.

They likewise included a fundamental Mastodon activity for striking the API. So as an example, right here’s what you obtain when including the activity:

New Mastodon action

As soon as you have actually specified a Mastodon account, you can choose it and after that the code will certainly have the ability to notice the verification. Make note of the code – it’s striking the Mastodon API to validate qualifications – a default telephone call. Yet when I saw this, I wondered exactly how hard it would certainly be to alter this to uploading a brand-new toot.

I examined the docs and also located this for releasing a brand-new condition

 message https://mastodon.example/api/v1/statuses HTTP/1.1.

Considering that, I customized the default Python code a little bit:

 import demands.

def trainer( pd: "pipedream"):.
token = f' {pd.inputs["mastodon"]["$auth"]["access_token"]} '.
permission = f' Holder {token} '.
headers = {"Consent": permission}

toot = {"condition": pd.steps["generateText"]["$return_value"]["text"]}

r = f' https:// {pd.inputs["mastodon"]["$auth"]["site_domain"]}/ api/v1/statuses', information= toot, headers= headers).

# Export the information for usage in future actions.
return r.json().

As you can see, I’m uploading the message of my brand-new post, which’s it. No requirement for in any way. Although I would certainly utilize it if I were doing anything even more facility.

Action 4 – Blog Post to Twitter

Presume what? Publishing basic message to Twitter has actually been sustained in Pipedream for a years approximately. (Ok, possibly not rather that long.) I essentially simply included the activity, chosen my account, and also utilized the exact same message I utilized for Mastodon.

Configured Tweet action


I pointed out previously that every one of the above took about 10 mins, which’s definitely real. I assume a lot of that was googling for the Mastodon docs and also as I had actually not utilized them previously, it took me a min or 2 to discover what I required. If you intend to attempt this out on your own, you can develop a duplicate of my process right here:

Note – if you similar to this, yet do not intend to publish to Twitter (or Mastodon), you can just erase, or disable, the appropriate action. Delight in!

Picture by Patrick Fore on Unsplash


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