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Incapable to append/overwrite JSON data (Go) – Obtaining Aid

Excellent day everybody, I am a beginner to Go and also am still finding out the ropes, presently I am dealing with problems while making modifications to a json data.

So I have a feature that essentially gets rid of a component from the piece. I am incapable to add the json data somewhere else other than at one area. The “Done” will constantly obtain published, any kind of tips on this? Thanks :slight_smile:

 func removeAppt( get rid of AppointmentsDetail) {
bookedAppointmentsData:= getBookedAppointmentsData()// Obtain the piece of information

for i:= 0; i < < len( bookedAppointmentsData); i++ {
bookedAppt:= bookedAppointmentsData[i]
// If suits input worth eliminates it from piece and also append to json.
if bookedAppt == get rid of {
bookedAppointmentsData = append( bookedAppointmentsData[:i], bookedAppointmentsData[i+1:] ...).

bytes, err:= json.MarshalIndent( bookedAppointmentsData, ""," ").

if err!= nil {
log.Fatalln( err).

_ = ioutil.WriteFile(" bookedAppointments.json", bytes, 0644).

fmt.println(" Done")// Constantly obtains published.



It maintains be published due to the fact that it remains in the struct meaning, AppointmentsDetail. I believe you can establish the 'omitempty' flag. As an example

Done bool int json:", omitempty"

It is effectively locating the AppointmentDetail you intend to get rid of; you recognize that due to the fact that "Done" obtains published.

Is the data being developed? I would certainly inspect the returned worth from the ioutil.WriteFile phone call.


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