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html – Utilizing CSS attribute on WithJoy wedding celebration internet site to alter history shade

I’m not extremely accustomed to HTML/inspector/CSS however would love to alter the history of an internet site to black.

This internet site ( enables pairs to make a totally free internet site for their wedding celebration. My certain internet site has an external location (white), a box with all the message (black), as well as a photo (blue). I have actually handled to alter the internal box just making use of the below code:

faKIBf {background-color: rgb( 0, 0, 0)}

From my understanding,. faKIBf is a course. I simply transformed the rgb to 0, 0, 0 However, this isn’t the aspect (forgive me if that’s the not the right term) that I require to alter. I have actually attempted ideal clicking the external box to check as well as this location appears.

I’m not exactly sure just how to alter the highlighted location to ensure that the history is merely black?

I apologies for all the screenshots. If there is an appropriate means to publish code from assessor please allow me recognize as well as I will certainly upgrade.

Below is the assessor code broadened

* Keep in mind: the internet site itself for one reason or another just offers formed layouts, hence I require to make use of CSS to alter it to black.


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