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html – Setting outright inside div

Utilizing setting: family member is the right technique:

Make certain that the container itself is located appropriately utilizing setting: family member. This is very important due to the fact that the definitely located pictures will certainly be placed about their nearby located forefather, which must be the container.

 residence __ header-people {
setting: family member;/ * Include this */.

Picture Overlapping:.
To accomplish the wanted overlapping impact, change the marginLeft for every picture. You can make use of an unfavorable worth for marginLeft to make the pictures overlap in the direction of the left.

 { picture, index) => > (.
<< img.
trick= {index}
src= {picture}
alt= {'Individual $ {index + 1} '}
className=" residence __ header-people_roundImage"
design= {{
zIndex: 7 - index,.
marginLeft: index * -12 + 'px',// Readjust.
this worth as required.

By using setting: about the container as well as utilizing the upgraded marginLeft estimation, the round pictures must overlap within the container as well as be placed appropriately.

allow me understand if this can assist you.


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