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html – Putting a photo right into a div tag in a timeline box

I am attempting to position a photo in the timeline box.

Complete code is right here

Including this code:

<< div course=" container left-container">>.
<< img src=" images/logo1. png"/>>.
<< div course=" text-box">
<> < h2>> Alfabet Inc<.
<< little>> 2018-2019<.
<< p>>.
One more composing obstacle can be to take the specific sentences in.
You likewise will not understand precisely the number of sentences will certainly show up in the.
arbitrary paragraph.
<< img src=" max_bytes( 150000 ): strip_icc(): style( webp)/ SuCasaDesign-Modern-9335be77ca0446c7883c5cf8d974e47c. jpg">>.

<< period course=" left-container-arrow"><>  .

and also CSS:

 text-box img {
size: 100px;
elevation: 100px;
border-radius: 1%;
vertical-align: center;

The picture is revealed yet not as anticipated. I would love to have a full-responsive picture revealed inside the "text-box"

Please encourage.


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