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HTML not linking CSS – Heap Overflow

I’m extremely annoyed as I have actually connected my CSS documents to my HTML documents effectively. I have actually opened my HTML documents on Chrome as well as Safari yet there’s no designing. I damaged the code to one of the most standard degree as well as I’m still obtaining this concern. Prior to any person asks both documents remain in the exact same folder. The HTML implements flawlessly nonetheless the history is white rather than red. I have actually additionally attempted hard-refreshing which additionally does not function.

My HTML Data (index.html):

<< html lang=" en">
<> < head>>.
<< title>> Browse<.
<< web link rel=" stylesheet" href=" styles.css">
<> .
<< body>>.


My CSS Data (styles.css)

 body {
background-color: rgb( 255, 64, 64);


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