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html – My sass made use of to function completely today it will certainly provide me this mistake

cz-cafe@1.0.0 sass
node-sass -w scss/ -o dist/css/– recursive

The system can not discover the course defined.
node: internal/modules/cjs/ loader:1080.
toss err;.

Mistake: Can not discover component ‘E: Practicenode-sassbinnode-sass’.
at Component. _ resolveFilename (node: internal/modules/cjs/ loader:1077:15).
at Component. _ tons (node: internal/modules/cjs/ loader:922:27).
at Function.executeUserEntryPoint [as runMain] (node: internal/modules/run _ primary:81:12).
at node: internal/main/run _ main_module:23:47 {

Node.js v18.17.0

I attempted re-installing node.js and also node-sass several times yet it really did not function !!!


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