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html – Make Switch Suit the dimension of a Picture as well as Table

I can not obtain the up and down piled aspects to all line up flat. There is a photo ahead, after that a table with some message, and after that a switch to connect to the job web page. I attempted utilizing low-cost, hack, methods to achieve making them just the same size, however that really did not aid. I can not obtain this right.

This is a left lined up as well as a best lined up “job panel” that takes you to the job web page. They are a bit various as well as this is an additional concern I am attempting to fix. I would certainly such as the “job panels to be precisely the exact same, simply having a selection in between “left” or “best”. Thanks!

<< area id=" 111" course=" limelight style2 right">>.
<< period course=" photo fit primary">>.
<< img src=" images/wl05. jpg" alt=""/>>.
<. << div course=" web content">
<> < div design=" text-align: left; margin-bottom: 36px; margin-top: 47px;">>.
<< img src=" images/wl07. jpg" alt="" design=" max-width: 15em; elevation: automobile; margin-bottom: 12px;" course=" bordered-image"/>>.
<. <


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