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html – just how to place the arrowhead of an option checklist

as received the code listed below, i have clr-select-container with some characteristics defined as the affixed screen-shot, it reveals the clr-select-container

the trouble i am encountering is, the reversed arrowhead is couple of pixels far from the clr-select-container i intend to positioned at the end of the clr-select-container similar to the various other clr-select-container received the screen-shot.
the various other, clr-select-container are created adhering to the exact same strategy i created the one pointed out listed below in the code area.

i do not recognize why the various other clr-select-container has actually a correctly placed reversed arrowhead other than the one in the code
i wish my factor is clear


<< div * ngIf=" real" id=" idAppRatesSelectionDiv">
<> < clr-select-container id=" idAppRatesSelectionContainer">
<> < tag id=" idAppRatesLablel"> > {convert}:<.
<< pick id=" idAppRatesSelectionMenu" clrSelect name=" appRatesTypes" [(ngModel)]=" iAppRatesSelectionPasser.appRateSelected" (modification)=" onAppRateSelected($ occasion)">
<> < choice * ngFor=" allow appRateOfProduct of appRatesOfProduct" [ngValue]=" appRateOfProduct"> > {{appRateOfProduct}} <.


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