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html – Exactly how to transform hovers?

I intend to transform the font style dimension as well as shade of the a when I float over p. It is not functioning. Most likely there is an easy remedy, yet I am fighting with this considering that a couple of hrs.

If any person has actually not to made complex web links pertaining to this subject I likewise would certainly more than happy

<< html lang=" en">
<> < head>>.
<< meta charset=" UTF-8"/>>.
<< meta http-equiv=" X-UA-Compatible" material=" IE= side"/>>.
<< meta name=" viewport" material=" size= device-width, initial-scale= 1.0"/>>.
<< title>> Paper<.
<< design>>.
p: float div nav {a shade: blue;
font-size: 22px;
<< body>>.
<< div>>.
<< nav>>.
<< p>> Ceramics<.
<< a href="">> One< < a href="">> 2< < a href="">> 3< .


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