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html – display screen scroll on iframe, as well as concealed on body, preventing dual scrolling

Exactly how is it feasible to reveal the scroll in the iframe, as well as conceal the primary scroll of the << body>>, likewise preventing a dual scroll.

I attempted body {overflow: concealed;} as well as overflow: scroll! essential; in the iframe, however this conceal both scrolls.

 * {
box-sizing: border-box;
margin: 0;
extra padding: 0;
boundary: 0;

body {overflow: concealed;}

div.container {
size: 100%;.
elevation: 100vh;.
boundary: 1px strong magenta;.

div.container div.left {
background-color: yellow;.
margin-left: 0%;.
setting: outright;.
size: 30%;.
elevation: 100vh;.
display screen: block;.
overflow: car;.

div.container div.right {
background-color: aqua;.
boundary: 1px strong blue;.
margin-left: 30%;.
elevation: 100vh;.
size: 70%;.

div.container div.right iframe.ifrm {
background-color: lime;.
size: 100%;.
elevation: 100vh;.
overflow: scroll! essential;.
<< div course=" container">

<> < div course=" left"><>  < div course=" right">
<> < iframe src="" frameborder=" 0" name=" theName" course=" ifrm" scrolling=" yes"><>  .


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