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html – CSS Outright Positioning Problem in Microsoft Side

I have a code in which I intend to place my youngster div to appropriate side inside the moms and dad div.

It is functioning penalty in Codepen however releasing in Microsoft Side. Below is the code

I attempted the code in Codepen and also it functions penalty. Yet operating in microsoft side. My microsft side variation is Variation 115.0.1901.200 (Authorities develop) (64-bit)

 user_profile_container {
setting: loved one;

. user_data {
setting: outright;
right: 0;
text-align: facility;
screen: inline-block;
<< div course=" user_profile_container">
<> < div course=" user_data">
<> < div course=" userProfileBox" id=" userProfileBox">
<> < div course=" userName">> Mehedi< < div course=" desg_Section"> > Policeman <.
<< div course=" consent">> Customer has consent of: Admin<.

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