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html – CSS autofit flexbox witdth after cover

I have a flexbox with boxes inside that need to have a taken care of dimension. I wish to permit packages to cover if the do not suit one line and also i desire the flexbox to adjust to the dimension of the staying boxes in the line, so there is no space beetween the last thing in the line and also the best boundary (see environment-friendly arrowhead on picture).

without warp

gab after cover

Exists a pure CSS service?


<< div course=" flexbox">
<> < div course=" box">> 1< < div course=" box">> 2< < div course=" box">> 3< < div course=" box">> 4< < div course=" box">> 5< .


 flexbox {
screen: flex;
flex-direction: row;
flex-wrap: cover;
boundary: 0.5 rapid eye movement environment-friendly strong;
. box {
background-color: white;
boundary: 1px strong black;
size: 5rem;
elevation: 5rem;


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