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html – Bootstrap 3 Navbar – issue with navbar-header

I have actually constructed this Navbar (with Bootstrap 3) which is done to designing needs.
After constructing it, as well as being informed it examined penalty (as well as it was released to manufacturing) somebody became aware that the Navbar header (the logo design) isn’t a clickable web link.
enter image description here

I became aware that’s due to the fact that i had actually established a CSS design elevation:0 for the navbar-header course.
My issue is, whatever ive attempted to do to repair it (like clearly eliminating the elevation:0) after that damages the format.

Additionally – the concern with the navbar-header course just feeds on Desktop computer or L XL displays dimensions.
When the nav is fallen down (mobile tablet computer) after that the navbar-header logo design is a clickable web link as anticipated.

Can any person recommend some hacky CSS to repair this?

As opposed to pasting the code, i developed a fiddle for it;


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