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html – Able to make use of SCSS documents without setting up sass?

I’m presently utilizing NEXT.js for my job.

Typically, I initially do thread include sass after that I make use of[name] module.scss documents. For that reason there need to be no mistakes utilizing scss documents.

Nevertheless, I simply began my job. Despite the fact that I really did not thread include sass, I had the ability to make use of scss documents as well as likewise @use, @include phrase structure made use of in scss

I wonder regarding just how this can occurring. I have actually understood that CSS Preprocessor( SASS) can not operate in web browsers straight, as well as need to’ve exchanged pure css

Right here’s the code I’m working with.

 @use 'styles/color. scss';.
@use 'styles/responsive. scss';

. mainContainer {
size: 100%;.
elevation: 100vh;.
overflow-y: scroll;.

shade: shade.$ MAIN_GRAY;.

@include responsive.after( DESKTOP COMPUTER) {
shade: shade.$ MAIN_BLACK;.
 import designs from './ layout.module.scss';.

const Format = ({kids}) => > {
return << primary className= {styles.mainContainer} > > {kids} <;.

export default Format;.
// package.json.

" name": "29cm",.
" variation": "0.1.0",.
" exclusive": real,.
" manuscripts": {
" dev": "following dev",.
" develop": "following develop",.
" begin": "following beginning",.
" dust": "following dust".
" reliances": {
" @next/ typeface": "13.0.7",.
" @types/ node": "18.11.16",.
" @types/ respond": "18.0.26",.
" @types/ react-dom": "18.0.9",.
" following": "13.0.7",.
" respond": "18.2.0",.
" react-dom": "18.2.0",.
" typescript": "4.9.4".

I have no suggestion just how I can make use of sass without mounting it!


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