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Golang themes with Embedded variables – Obtaining Assistance


In my very first variation i have actually simply applied a feature to insert something similar to this:

” {{. home}} {top} “ utilizing the following maps:

varsContent:= map[string] user interface {} {
mix:” {{. home}} {top} “,
home: {A {. the}} casita,
the: la {title},
pet: de {title} mariposa,
cosa_rara: demo_pato,
mapa: demo_pato,
cyclic: This is {a {. cyclic}},
colour: map[string] user interface {} {
red: rojo,
blue: azul,
pink: rosa,
orange: {{mapa}},

The outcome of this implementation is: “ A la Demo_pato casita DEMO_PATO “ As you can see, the interpolation is implemented recursively and also functions penalty. My trouble currently is execute a method to exectue this: {{.}}, the outcome of this implementation need to be demo_pato and also in this factor I require aid.

Thanks quite.

Hi, Jose, do you have a web link to the code?


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