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Golang plan assessment – Technical Conversation

We are mosting likely to establish go remainder API and also gRPC for manufacturing for our customer. We located some collections and also plans.

Relax Solutions( https):

  1. Common collection – Go Plans
  2. Gin structure
  3. Gorilla/Mux
  4. Go package
    Examination instance structure:
  5. screening plan – screening – Go Plans
  6. GitHub – stretchr/testify: A toolkit with usual assertions and also buffoons that plays well with the conventional collection

HTTP Tons Screening: Jmeter and also Vegeta.

gRPC: grpc plan – – Go Plans

tons screening device: GitHub – bojand/ghz: Straightforward gRPC benchmarking and also tons screening device

Please recommend ideal structure and also lib.

Many thanks ahead of time! Value your reaction.

Hi! I’ll attempt to be a lot more unbiased as feasible. Normally i favor to prevent internet structures for little or “center” dimension tasks since when you include an internet f. you’re presenting even more threats regarding maintenance/bugs for long period of time running strategies, even more dependences (which implies even more weight and also arrangement changes) and also, a minimum of at your primary steps on a details internet f., a quantity of time to discover its exactly how to

  • For small/simple tasks i would certainly choose Go Sexually transmitted disease Collection + stdlib http.ServeMux + go screening devices (what you have actually provided at factors 4 5 and also 6 stand). gRPC authorities go plan.
  • For even more intricate tasks I would certainly make use of the very same pile essentially, replacing http.ServeMux with chi router (especially fantastic for middleware extensive applications) and also, if you actually require it, presenting gorm I would certainly make use of Gin just if the application is huge and also the complete Go code would certainly result to twist, or if you require a number of Gin abilities.

So, why not gorilla/mux? IMHO gorilla is really not well preserved, and also httprouter is not preserved in all and also keep in mind that Gin is improved httprouter

As a choice, I would certainly make use of Fiber structure, improved fasthttp, a lot more performant than Gin and also others, spick-and-span, yet not stdlib pleasant. It’s a various other means to go :slight_smile:



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