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Golang application default memory limitations? – Obtaining Assistance

I have a maker with lots of memory. I have a golang µService that makes use of some memory. I have a choice to pick from A) shop that memory in a a variety (contigous memory), or B) in a tree.

Does the face that the tree does not require adjoining memory, affect my choice? The equipment needs to have sufficient memory to save what I require in a variety, this is not an aspect. Exists maybe a default max memory restriction established by Golang?

Hi @heidi,

A selection shops it’s dimension in an int (See Range kinds) It’s optimal variety of access is consequently 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 ( on a 64-bit style), which need to be greater than your RAM can hold.

Just how you save information is mostly identified by exactly how you require to access it. Ranges benefit straight analysis, however, for fast arbitrary gain access to, a well balanced search tree would certainly be better.

I state a big range, that takes place to be bigger than my RAM, what would certainly occur? It needs to not collapse, yet just components of it would certainly be packed in RAM at the very same time.

I also believe that for huge information which can be kept both in a piece or a tree, the piece will certainly have an additional benefit, its cache region will certainly matter much less, as 2 rationally close products will certainly not be enclose memory (the kids of a tree node are not enclose the huge piece).


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