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Golang application default memory limitations? – Obtaining Aid

I have an equipment with lots of memory. I have a golang µService that utilizes some memory. I have an alternative to select from A) shop that memory in a a range (contigous memory), or B) in a tree.

Does the face that the tree does not require adjoining memory, affect my choice? The maker needs to have adequate memory to keep what I require in a range, this is not an aspect. Exists probably a default max memory restriction established by Golang?

Hi @heidi,

A range shops it’s dimension in an int (See Range kinds) It’s optimal variety of access is as a result 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 ( on a 64-bit design), which ought to be greater than your RAM can hold.

Just how you keep information is greatly established by exactly how you require to access it. Ranges benefit direct analysis, but also for fast arbitrary gain access to, a well balanced search tree would certainly be more suitable.


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