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Go Temperature Folders for AV Exemption – Technical Conversation

I’m having foolish lengthy construct times in Windows 11 just recently, as well as I presume it pertains to AV.

I’m searching for a main listing of areas that can be included in the exemption listing or directions for just how to appropriately leave out Go as well as pertinent construct features.

Exists such a listing someplace?

Hi @sivan, I do not understand about such a listing, however I would certainly believe that it could be adequate to leave out % GOPATH% as well as the existing task directory site from AV scanning.

(% GOPATH% has the cache for downloaded and install components in addition to construct artefacts.)

Those still really did not function. Perhaps there are various other areas, or possibly it’s what Go carries out in memory. The only workaround I have actually discovered is to disable the adhering to in the Windows Safety Facility:
Cloud-Delivered Security
Automatic example entry
With those impaired, Go builds quickly once again.

This is intriguing. As well as I mean Microsoft does not record what these 2 alternatives do under the hood.
However a minimum of you have a workaround.

We can make an informed hunch; when you try to run your.go it stops prior to implementation, publishes your binary to Microsoft’s web servers where they are checked, awaits authorization, as well as just after that starts implementation. That’s possibly great the very first time you run a brand-new application, however it’s clearly really frustrating when it’s duplicated whenever you implement “go build/test/run.”
I assume, because this is currently made it possible for by default, it may make good sense for the Go area to take into consideration upgrading the installer and/or paperwork for the Windows variation.


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