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Freelance React Programmer List

As a freelance React designer, I deal with a great deal of customers on their React jobs nowadays. Every single time I obtain a demand in my inbox, I generally respond with the exact same e-mail design template which I call the freelance list for React programmers

If you are mosting likely to register for my E-newsletter, you will certainly obtain 2 e-mail themes– one from the viewpoint of an employing business as well as one from the viewpoint of a responding consultant.

Basically this list makes your onboarding as a React freelance designer much more seaming-less when getting in a brand-new task as well as group, due to the fact that prior to a firm can employ you as a React consultant, both sides require to chat via this list to obtain their demands straightened.

Below I wish to share the products of this list in much more information with you– whether you are are a on-site/remote React consultant that is searching for a work or a firm that wishes to employ a React consultant.

React Freelance List

There are constantly some information which I wish to know as a consultant prior to dealing with a firm such as:

  • What’s my function in the task?
  • What’s the deadline/milestone for the task?
  • What’s the history of the business?

Nevertheless, 2 of one of the most crucial concerns for me as well as various other consultants are the following:

Is it a greenfield task? Several consultants see this as an advantage, due to the fact that they can be much more innovative on exactly how to designer the task as well as which collections they pick for it while preventing heritage code in the frontend. Nevertheless, it’s not constantly the instance that you are working with a greenfield task. What I have actually seen primarily in my profession as a remote consultant were up-and-running jobs which encountered difficulties as well as sought for aid, due to either absent experience in React or missing out on frontend designer power.

That is the group? Relying on the consultant, you might favor to function alone or in a group. Functioning alone can indicate 2 points: Functioning essentially alone on a MVP or functioning alone as frontend designer however in an upright technology pile with backend designers, developers, and so on. It can additionally take place that the business that wishes to employ you as a consultant onboards greater than one consultant to their task. After that it’s constantly excellent to recognize that supervises for the frontend, due to the fact that if it’s just consultants working with it, it can result in lengthy conversations.

Freelance Interaction List

When I am dealing with a brand-new business on their React task, I constantly attempt to develop 5 interaction networks:

Real-Time: Devices like Slack aid to review subjects in real-time with the stakeholders of the task. It’s additionally the water cooler conversation if you such as to associate the group when it comes to a long-term task. Anyhow, if you wish to have a conversation regarding a subject, this type of network is the most effective for it. Nevertheless, if it has to do with particular jobs (as well as the concern is not very immediate), the job supervisor would certainly be the far better area.

Job Supervisor: The interaction in a job supervisor like Trello is much more asynchronous than the real-time interaction network, nevertheless, this actually assists to remain on subject for a details job. Furthermore, although the jobs are done ultimately, the stakeholders of the task have constantly a referral to the previous whether it’s simply connecting back to it when having a conversation or searching for why specific choices were made.

task manager

Draw Demands: As soon as a job is ended up, Public relations are utilized for code testimonials. Although there is not constantly a code testimonial taking place, the public relations can be utilized to be connected back to the job in the job supervisor as recommendation. The other way around, the job must be connected to the public relations.

Email: Directly I attempt to make use of E-Mail discussions just feasible as well as just for more vital subjects which require to be reviewed with stakeholders greater in the command chain (e.g. chief executive officer, PO). The majority of the moment these individuals remain in the real-time interaction network however, so E-Mail is just utilized for the onboarding experience as well as invoicing.

Conferences: Yes, although you are a consultant, there will certainly be conferences! Relying on just how much you are providing for your customer, the conferences will certainly take place regularly to review previous or approaching jobs. In my instance, I had customers with once a week, bi-weekly, as well as regular monthly conferences. Typically as a consultant I am not associated with the day-to-day standup sessions though.

As a consultant benefiting a firm, you must be welcomed to all these networks at the start. If you are dealing with a bigger business, you will certainly be pestered with welcomes anyhow. So if you do not wish to get involved in VPN et al., ask your customer ahead of time just how much consultant onboarding for their framework is required

Process List as a React Consultant

If you are getting in a recognized group, they will certainly currently have their operations as well as you need to obtain utilized to it. This varies from kanban to scrum, from code assesses to no code testimonials, from pressing on master to include branches. Nevertheless, if you can alter something regarding it– which was frequently the instance for me– or you are the initial designer on the MVP, I’ve obtained a list of operations suggestions for you:

Do we do Kanban, Scrum, or Power Yoga exercise? If I am dealing with a little group, I am frequently suggesting Kanban for its lean method. As an example, Trello is a recognized as well as widely known task monitoring device for it. Relating to Kanban itself, adhere to the main policies: variety of lanes, max. variety of products per designer per lane, and so on

Do we do code testimonials? Otherwise functioning alone, yes. If you have any type of power to develop appropriate code testimonials for your group, please do it. It will certainly assist the entire group to recognize each others code, to discover insects, as well as to review domino effect when presenting something brand-new in the code base.

Do we do include branches? Otherwise functioning alone, yes. Having everybody pressing on master/develop branches will immediately result in disputes. If the group does not recognize regarding function branches, I direct them to this

feature branches

Since you are a freelance React designer, firms wish to employ you more than likely for their frontend application of their Nevertheless, this does not indicate that whatever you will certainly code for this customer is a 100% React.

You need to see on your own much more as a T-shaped designer, due to the fact that generally you are dealing with a group in an upright pile which envelops layout, frontend, backend, data source, as well as service. While the data source is frequently out of your extent, you will likely engage with developers from UI/UX, backend designers for the API demands, as well as various other business/tech stakeholders such as POs/PMs/CTOs/ Chief executive officers.

UI/UX List as a React Consultant

Among one of the most preferred concerns: Should I make it look excellent or pixel ideal? Commonly this relies on the dimension of the business that’s employing you. If there is an entire UI/UX division, it will certainly be more than likely pixel ideal— which implies that you will certainly obtain layout mockups from the layout group as well as you require to match them with every pixel (margins, extra paddings, boundaries, elevations, sizes and so on) in HTML as well as CSS.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with a smaller sized customer, it can take place that there is no individual in charge of the UI as well as hence you are asked to make it look excellent Nevertheless, from pixel ideal to make it look excellent is a range. There will certainly be firms in between which will certainly supply mockups however without the “pixel ideal right into code translation” as a need.

Where do I obtain the mockups from? If you are asked to deal with mockups as a freelance internet designer, generally the layout group currently has their devices of option to supply the mockups to you. These layout devices vary from “simply obtaining a PDF with pictures” to a completely interactive buffooned application (which frequently envelops the UX by having customer communications in position also). One of the most usual devices I had the satisfaction to deal with are Zeplin, Invision, or Figma

As stated, it actually relies on the business employing you as a React consultant as well as their sources. Often you need to develop the mockups along with the chief executive officer in a conference, often you obtain screenshots from their heritage application (not constantly the most effective structure, however it can exercise with advice), as well as often you are dealing with a full-fledged layout group which has a service prepared for each display as well as customer communication.

What color pattern, typefaces, as well as possessions should I make use of? If you are dealing with a layout group, they obtained you covered. Typically a PDF or web link with/to layout standards factors you to a color pattern as well as the typefaces which must be utilized. Furthermore, a web link to a cloud storage space (e.g. Google Drive) will certainly provide you accessibility to all the possessions (e.g. logo design, symbols). Nevertheless, if you are functioning without a devoted layout group or developer, these concerns require to be asked when you onboard as a freelance React designer to a brand-new task.

Are we making use of internal symbols? Possibly except the initial onboarding discussion, however absolutely a point you must talk through your customer. Once more, when dealing with a layout group (or making use of a prominent UI collection), generally the symbols are currently there.

Nevertheless, if you are dealing with a smaller sized business as well as their demands state that you require to make use of custom-made symbols (not suggested, due to the added job, however it can take place for very specialized domain names), somebody needs to develop these symbols. No matter that is producing the symbols, understand that all symbols require to satisfy a common collection of demands (dimension, color pattern, margins and so on).


Should this Respond task deal with mobile also? Below once more, if you are dealing with a layout group as well as a larger business generally, they will certainly currently recognize whether they desire their task just on desktop computer, desktop-first yet additionally on mobile, and even mobile-first.

However if you are dealing with a smaller sized business, it is necessary exactly how you connect this subject as a freelance React designer, due to the fact that if you ask the customer whether the application must be receptive for mobile/tablet/desktop, they will certainly more than likely state yes without thinking about the tremendous work (added mockups price, added application price, different side situations).

API List as a React Consultant

When being employed as a freelance frontend designer, the type of backends you are managing arrays from “heritage backend which obtained a brand-new remainder API for making points internet suitable” to “a recently produced backend with a remainder and even GraphQL API”. More than likely the backend isn’t a completed task however, due to the fact that it frequently expands with the demands of the frontend (e.g. transforming APIs, presenting brand-new APIs, dividing APIs, efficiency optimizations for hefty lots displays, specialized APIs for offset/cursor-based pagination etc.).

What is necessary for you as a freelance React designer is the API. So your initial concern should be: What type of API does your backend deal? Directly, I such as to deal with GraphQL APIs, however because these are not the status (yet), the possibility of dealing with a REMAINDER API is rather high– which is fine by me!

Anyhow, no remainder API holds true remainder like it was suggested by Fielding however. That’s why it’s constantly excellent to recognize whether the backend group finds out about the concepts of remainder when producing their APIs as well as their delta in between Relaxed as well as RESTish. I have actually been dealing with “remainder APIs” which had unneeded nestings of sources, unknown calling conventions, as well as just HTTP GET/POST techniques. Learning about this prior to the onboarding on a job as a frontend designer is a great indicator to prevent unneeded battles attaching your frontend to the backend.


Where do I discover the API documents? If you are dealing with GraphQL, the schema (which obtains created immediately) supplies you whatever you require as a freelance designer. On the other hand, when dealing with remainder, you require to line up with the backend designers on an interaction network for the API documents. I have actually experienced all of it, while the last one would certainly be among the far better situations:

  • API as needed on Slack by asking the backend designer( s)/ group
  • API on Github by examining the backend GitHub database
  • API on Swagger, et al.

While a lot of the backends that you will certainly be working with are powered by remainder, relying on the task there is a possibility that you have various other resources for your information such as GraphQL (e.g. custom-made Backend, Hasura), BaaS (e.g. Firebase), ABIs (e.g. Ethereum Smart Agreement) that you require to be familiar with.

Frontend List as a React Consultant

As pointed out, it’s constantly excellent to be a T-shaped frontend designer, due to the fact that you can deal with even more points than just frontend. As an example, if a customer wishes to see an MVP from you, you will certainly be more than likely in charge of greater than simply React. In my instance, I had customers for which I needed to establish a verification solution, set up the CI/CD, or needed to wire their data source right into a GraphQL layer. So constantly determine your level of obligations in this brand-new task.

Do you have currently strategies of which collections you wish to make use of? Whether this concern shows up relies on whether the task will certainly have a clean slate by having you as a frontend consultant or whether the task is currently underway by having an internal group working with it. Generally, this concern assists to limit the extent of the task.

Furthermore, the majority of firms approaching me for an MVP currently inquire about what to make use of for their task in their first e-mail, so this offers you a possibility to reveal that you recognize the On the other hand, if a group is currently working with the task, this concern assists you to learn more about the technology pile.

Just how much personalization is required? This is just one of one of the most crucial concerns for me, due to the fact that whenever a customer requests the price quote of a fresh task, I constantly ask whether they wish to make use of off the rack points (e.g. UI collection) or construct their very own (e.g. custom-made UI parts). Looter: The majority of firms do not wish to invest their allocate custom-made UI parts– due to the fact that this is frequently a regular monthly task by itself– nevertheless, I had a situation where this was certainly a need.

Individual referral: Attempt to construct a UI collection when for a customer which has the budget plan as well as the demands for it, due to the fact that it’s a fantastic understanding experience for you as a React designer. Nevertheless, after you have actually done it when, you can place a checkmark alongside this experience. I have actually done it myself.

When it comes to UI collections, the best UI collection in React is Product UI nowadays. The customer needs to make a decision whether it deserves it to make use of a collection with a typical look (if there is very little budget plan to personalize it). Furthermore, if the customer employs a group of frontend consultants, where most programmers are jr programmers, more than likely they will certainly have utilized Product UI prior to as well as will certainly be efficient from the beginning. On the other hand, picking a not as preferred collection like Chakra UI offers your task an extra unique personality as well as lots of consultants something brand-new to discover.

However it does not finish right here with personalization. An additional preferred subject are visualizations as well as graphes in React If the customer you are mosting likely to benefit means to make use of these example, you must actually attempt to limit their demands right here as well as examine these with the various charting collections that are available, due to the fact that this can reduce the work greatly by preventing personalizations or making use of D3 as low-level charting collection from the beginning.


There is constantly prospective for conversation past the UI as well as charting collections. Various other usual concerns are: Are we making use of a state monitoring collection?, Just how do we bring information?, as well as Should we make use of TypeScript?

It’s additionally worth to keep in mind that numerous of the firms I am dealing with method me with a certificate to a shut resource React collection. I attempt my finest to obtain them off this course, due to the fact that my experiences dealing with a shut resource collections are not the most effective and also as a consultant I prefer to wish to expand my understanding dealing with frequently utilized open resource collections

Finally, although every designer understands it should be done, is the concern: Just how much should be examined? By asking just how much you reveal the plan that you wish to evaluate, nevertheless, I have actually been dealing with numerous firms which saw screening as an afterthought as well as instead intended to finish the task upon target date. So it actually relies on the customer you are dealing with.

Finally, I wish this substantial list for frontend consultants assists you to employ a React consultant as a firm, to land a work as a React consultant, or simply to boost the onboarding experience for both events.


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