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FakerPHP Red Stripe Company|Laravel Information

Faker Red Stripe is a company for FakerPHP that creates phony however structurally proper IDs for Red stripe API sources. Red stripe has several various source kinds, however this bundle has more than 50+ various faker techniques:

$ faker->> stripeCorePaymentIntentId();

// pi_KiAjc3WFzvswIhq8IkCLXNBW

$ faker->> stripeConnectAccountId();

// acct_xBXg7yyrSyQVbsjM

$ faker->> stripeFinancialConnectionAccountId();

// fca_z3JzQ1OCkYved5uWOqh3b387

This bundle conveniently incorporates with PestPHP, PHPUnit, as well as Eloquent: Manufacturing Facilities:

// Parasite instance

beforeEach( feature () {

$ this->> phony = phony();

$ this->> phony->> addProvider( brand-new Red Stripe($ this->> phony));

} );

it(' reveals an instance', feature () {

$ this->> phony->> stripeConnectAccountId() // acct_xBXg7yyrSyQVbsjM

} );

// Laravel manufacturing facility instance

usage WithFaker;

public feature interpretation(): variety


$ this->> faker->> addProvider( brand-new Red Stripe($ this->> faker));

$ this->> faker->> stripeConnectAccountId(); // acct_xBXg7yyrSyQVbsjM


You can discover more regarding this bundle, obtain complete installment directions, as well as check out the resource code on GitHub.


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