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Expensive blunders – Technical CCC Podcasts

Toning Up works out sufficient, so I’m anticipating releasing the last touches following week

Appropriately, I just have a little time to create technological web content. Virtually whatever in the stockpile remains in the WIP stage ♂

The Good News Is, the 9 set up episodes of the “Interested Programmers Chronicles” podcast ventured out to Apple Podcasts and also Spotify to ensure that you can delight in a few of the really technological episodes right here:

Please Note: I have not paid attention to those talks since they have not landed in my podcast feed yet for one reason or another. So I can not ensure anything. Yet I keep in mind having fun videotaping them with my good friend Bouwe so they may be alright.

I assume these are 3 superb means to invest your lunch break:

  1. take in food and also conversation with your associates
  2. take in food in silence
  3. take in food and also take in web content

I had a fair bit of number 3. today, and also all of the talks were terrific bullseyes, every one of them from in 2015’s RubyConf Mini:

Below’s one more instance in my life where going to a workshop conserved me from a bitter error:

Just how to send a seminar talk proposition

To conclude, doing even more research study prior to diving right into something brand-new can prevent pricey blunders. If, for one reason or another, I missed out on the workshop; I would certainly probably shed those originally spent 3.5 hrs totally with no opportunity to win anything.


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