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Exactly how to send a meeting talk proposition

Have you ever before flattered the very first time where you believed you were doing OK, just to understand later on just how incorrect you desired excavating a little bit a lot more right into the subject?

After going to the RailsConf CFP workshop arranged by the amazing Chelsea Kaufman as well as Adam Chuppy, I believed I would certainly provide myself this workshop again below in creating as well as possibly aid a few other interested audio speakers (you !?) en route.

Prior to attending this workshop, I sent 10 CFPs (Ask For Propositions) in a 3.5 hrs hyper-focus session. I’m permanently happy to the workshop coordinators since I believed my first propositions were OKish.

The fact is, they would not have actually stood any kind of opportunity.

Interestingly sufficient, my silly positive outlook proceeded also after the workshop. I made certain I would certainly require a hr to deal with all my 10 talks. Rather, I have actually invested an additional 5.5 hrs in 2 hyper-focus sessions to reword as well as rephrase my CFPs totally. And also I still have 2 rugged CFPs I had not been enthusiastic regarding taking on.

This was not just an excellent workout in developing CFPs, creating, as well as providing the bottom line of your writing, however it was likewise a possibility to see just how interested I remain in the subjects that I at first believed can be fascinating. Win-win.

So below are the notes as well as ideas I sourced from the workshop as well as complied with while brightening my CFPs for the RailsConf.

General Tips

Like a lot of seminars, a RailsConf CFP need to have an abstract as well as a summary of your talk or workshop.

Sending your CFPs early can go a lengthy means considering that the customers will certainly have even more time to commit to your CFP. They may also return to you with recommendations or improvements. On the various other hand, your CFP is most likely simply to obtain skimmed if you are 1 of the 1000 programmer men as well as dudettes that sent their talk on the last day.

Usually, whatever develop area you are completing, make certain you understand the function of this type area. Various seminars have various names. As an example, this year’s RailsConf denominates the “abstract” as “summary”; as well as the “summary” as “notes”. There’s likewise a “pitch” that you require to fill out.

Pro idea number 1: Assume like a customer! Envision you check out 200 summaries. You’ll require to concentrate on something. As a customer, you require to establish swiftly: Can this CFP provide an experience? Does it straighten with the track subjects? Structuring the CFP as well as providing the material to make this as simple as humanly feasible will certainly generate the very best outcomes for the submitter.


The abstract is the public-facing message individuals will certainly see throughout the seminar when looking into your talk.

It needs to have the size of an excellent tweet or more. If you wind up with 3 to 8 sentences, you are great.

It would certainly aid if you quickly explained the following:

  1. What’s the trouble that your talk is attempting to fix?
  2. That’s the talk for?
  3. Where are they currently? What will they win? Lastly, what’s the trip?


The CFP summary is a much more thorough description of just how you will certainly provide on your guarantees from the abstract.

Right here you will certainly explain your talk, just how you intend to offer it, as well as what the feats with tasks are to make it wonderful as well as one-of-a-kind.


Format issues. If you send an unreadable message ball of 1200 words, nobody will certainly have the ability to review it. So layout it perfectly, as well as mention the bottom lines.


Your material need to be outlined sufficient to discuss the appropriate as well as one-of-a-kind components of your discussion to the customer. And also why does it require to be provided in all?

interactive components

A huge perk factor is if you toss some interactive components right into your talk as well as explain them in your summary. Interactive attributes differentiate your speech from a simple post.

Right here are a number of suggestions for just how you can involve your target market throughout your talk:

  • target market inquiries
  • surveys/ increase your hand
  • stand workout
  • individuals improv on phase
  • make them do anything
  • pump ’em up
  • make them presume something
  • allowed them give a punctual for you to show something

Throughout a workshop, you require your guests to work out as well as create outcomes.

It’s wonderful to make use of a meeting talk’s online as well as in-person parts, so capitalize on it.


If you are unclear regarding whether something should enter into the summary, ask on your own:

Does this aid to highlight whether as well as just how you will provide on what you mentioned in the abstract?

To make this component absorbable for the customers, framework it in a manner that is simple to comply with. There are 2 primary means of structuring it:

framework design 1

One conventional means is to split your summary right into 3 components:

  1. The intro of the talk
  2. The main component of the talk
  3. The last component

framework design 2

One more means is to begin with a declaration on what’s one-of-a-kind regarding your talk as well as the subject. After that you can offer a summary, like below are the 5 components, as well as below is what they will certainly have to do with.


Is whatever prepared? Press the send switch. What can fail?

Hope: Allow’s see if I will certainly be among the fortunate ones that get involved in a meeting with their very first CFP entry


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