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Episode # 313 Shows Robots With a Pen

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Michael # 1: Exactly how do you claim that number?

  • Inflect:
  • Num2Words:

     # Inflect:
    import inflect
    inflector= inflect.engine().
    print( inflector.number _ to_words( 8675309 )).
    # 8 million, 6 hundred as well as seventy-five thousand, 3 hundred as well as 9.
    # Num2Words.
    from num2words import num2words.
    print( num2words( 8675309 )).
    # 8 million, 6 hundred as well as seventy-five thousand, 3 hundred as well as 9.
  • Num2Words additionally has a CLI:

  • pipx mount num2words
  • $ num2words 2948475
  • 2 million, 9 hundred as well as forty-eight thousand, 4 hundred as well as seventy-five

Brian # 2: The Beginnings of Python

  • Lambert Meertens
  • A remarkable story beginning with TELCOMP, taking a trip with ABC, as well as lastly getting to Python.
  • This is a lengthy short article, however a terrific tale.
  • It consists of a wonderful focus whatsoever times to maintain a language easy sufficient for the outright newbie however effective sufficient to not be irritating for knowledgeable designers.
  • A couple of quotes from the short article:.
    • ” Reduce of knowing as well as convenience of usage are both preferable characteristics in any kind of programs language. However, I have actually frequently really felt that this element of language style does not constantly obtain the interest it should have. As well as what might appear simple to a developer might not always be simple for a language student.”
    • Concerning ABC: “To offer our desired customers, outright novices, we looked for to conceal low-level application information as well as rather to offer effective top-level, task-oriented attributes.
    • After That Python: “The development in appeal of Python, from its beginning thirty years earlier as a one-person initiative flying under the radar, has actually been remarkable, however not speedy. Rather it has actually been a long, slow-moving, as well as consistent increase. Python’s convenience of discovering offered it an affordable benefit within when there was a continuous requirement for even more developers. Its tidy phrase structure as well as semiotics make it simpler to preserve a software application base created in Python than various other languages– an essential factor to consider considered that the expense of preserving software program towers over the expense of producing brand-new software program.”

Kelly # 3:

  • Ozobot Evo Presents a Python Beta Variation. ( August 17, 2022)
  • The initial Ozobot version– the Ozobot Little bit– is no more offered for acquisition. The New Evo Ozobit- has 3 Set alternatives. The Access Set (solitary robotic), the Ozobot Evo 12-Pack, as well as the Ozobot Evo 18-Pack.
  • Still has actually the upgraded OzoBlockly system for Block Shows.
  • This small crawler features:.
    • Line following
    • Shade discovery
    • Noise
    • closeness sensing unit
    • bluetooth
    • Accident discovery
    • Trainees can also code features
  • Ozobot simulator( block)
  • Internet beta application:

Michael # 4: setproctitle

  • A Python component to personalize the procedure title

  • Amazing for web servers as well as anytime “python” is insufficient

  • Easy to utilize straight:

  • from setproctitle import setproctitle

  • setproctitle(” tp-search daemon”)

  • Made use of instantly by web servers like uwsgi as well as gunicorn I think.

    # uWSGI web server arrangement.
    # uWSGI supplies some capability which can assist determine the employees.
    procname-prefix = training-.
    auto-procname = real.
  • Some good outcomes, instance from Talk Python Training.

Brian # 5: Anticipating Python 3.12

  • New attributes in 3.12 a2
    • Better Mistake Messages
    • great deals of various other rewards, like pathlib.walk()
  • Launch set up for Oct 2023
  • Yet why wait? Begin screening your jobs with it currently: Te hurting with Python 3.12
  • Keep In Mind that “Throughout the alpha stage, attributes might be accumulated till the begin of the beta stage (2023-05-08) as well as, if needed, might be customized or erased up till the launch prospect stage (2023-07-31). Please remember that this is a sneak peek launch as well as its usage is not suggested for manufacturing atmospheres.”
  • In Fact, with that said note, you could intend to wait. I do not. I’ll take care of it when/if I obtain a failing.

Sean # 6: Re: Design 2022 EF Education And Learning Outbreak

  • Discussion at AWS Re: Design 2022
  • Full redesign of on-line knowing system by among the biggest education and learning business on the planet
  • We have actually all seen Zoom class with rows on rows of trainees
  • An even more immersive experience for discovering with environment-friendly displays, electronic collections, as well as props
  • Large quantity of analytics around trainee involvement as well as knowing, consisting of complete transcription of every trainee, involvement monitoring, as well as computer system vision



  • You can sustain the PSF if you’re offering points on Examine “Give away a part to charity” as well as pick “Python Software application Structure” using Joe Riedley
  • Textinator for Windows (the Windows variation of TextSniper)
  • Paperlike for iPad

Kelly: A brand-new Unique Single-interest group for the PSF introduced 6 days earlier. “Edu-sig, with its subscriber list, supplies a casual place for contrasting notes as well as talking about future opportunities for Python in education and learning.” Led by Timothy Wilson.



As well as a brand-new mastodon individual:

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