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DOM control problem

<< html lang="" en"" course="" limitation">" >.
<< head>>.
<< meta charset="" UTF-8">" >.
<< meta http-equiv="" X-UA-Compatible"" web content="" IE= side">" >.
<< meta name="" viewport"" web content="" size= device-width, initial-scale= 1.0">" >.
<< title>> Paper<.
<< design>>
. outerdivv.
background-color: black;
/ * shade: red; */.
<< body course="" limitation"" id="" limitation">" >.
<< div course="" outerdivv"" id="" outerdiv">" >.
<< manuscript>>.
var maxheight= window.innerHeight;
var maxwidth= window.innerWidth;
var shade="" red"";
document.getElementById("" outerdiv""). setAttribute(' max-height', maxheight+"" px"");
document.getElementById("" outerdiv""). setAttribute(' max-width', maxwidth+"" px"");
document.getElementById("" outerdiv""). setAttribute(' shade', shade);
var pri = getElementById("" outerdiv""). shade;
// the above line tossing mistake Uncaught ReferenceError: getElementById is not specified.
console.log( maxwidth);.
console.log( maxheight);.
console.log( print);.

I intend to transform max-height, max-width as well as shade of the div aspect whose id is "" outerdiv"" yet the residential properties not readying as well as tossing a mistake for line

 var pri = getElementById("" outerdiv""). shade;.

please assistance


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