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css – Why the screen of the input variety is various on Chrome?

I require your assistance on the internet browser compatibility of my code. Presently, the screen of my input variety resembles this on Mozilla (and also this is the outcome I desire):

Mozilla Result

However when I switch over to Chrome I obtain this outcome:

Chrome result

Why the development bar begins later on and also finishes earlier?

Below is my branch code: (other than Bootstrap, there is no css used on this input variety):

<< div course=" contentCol">
<> < div course=" development">
<> < div.
course=" progress-bar"
duty=" progressbar"
aria-valuenow=" {{keyResult.progress}} ".
aria-valuemin=" 0"
aria-valuemax=" 100"
design=" size: {{keyResult.progress}} %".
<< period course=" progress-value" design=" screen: inline-block;"> > {{keyResult.progress}} %<.

Thanks significantly!

I attempted utilizing webkit however really did not obtain the appropriate techniques I assume.


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