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css – Respond upgrade the design of a div within a range of divs

I’m attempting to make an arranging formulas visualiser where there are bars as well as when the play switch is clicked a details arranging formula will certainly be computer animated with benches relocating.

I have actually made a range of divs as well as established the history shade of benches. I made one more variety to match the size of benches so when I arrange the variety of sizes I can arrange the variety of bars at the very same time.

 const {bars, setBars} = useContext( BarsContext).
const [data, setData] = useState([]).

useEffect(() => > {
for( allow i= 0; i< [...current, <div className="bar" ref={ref} style={{ height: randomLength, backgroundColor: "#add8e6" }}></div>]).
setData( information => > [, randomLength]).
}, [value]).

const runAlgorithm = () => > {
if( energetic == "bubble") {
} else if( energetic == "combine") {
} else if( energetic == "option") {
const rest = ms => > brand-new Pledge( r => > setTimeout( r, ms));.

const bubbleSort = async() => > {
allow matter = 0.
console.log( information).
for( allow i= 0; i<< bars.length; i++) {
for( allow j= 0; j<< bars.length; j++) {
console.log( bars[j]
if( information[j] > > information[j+1]) {
allow temperature = information[j+1]
information[j+1] = information[j]
information[j] = temperature.

allow temp2 = bars[j+1]
bars[j+1] = bars[j]
bars[j] = temp2.
wait for rest( 100 );.
matter += 1.
console.log( matter).
console.log( information).

In the arranging formula I have actually attempted to transform the history shade to red however a mistake message turns up stating it can not access props undefined despite the fact that when I log it, it exists.


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