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css – Problem with Tag Overlapping as well as Obscuring in Text Area

When I click or begin inputting in the message area, the tag “Kind your New Job below” changes upwards as well as comes to be covered by what appears like a white overlay. Just how can I eliminate this actions as well as guarantee the tag continues to be completely noticeable?

Prior to concentrating on it::
Normal Behaviour

When concentrating on it:
enter image description here

This is the code I made use of. I made use of product UI for styling this.

 << DialogTitle>> Include New Job<.
<< DialogContent>>.
<< TextField.
tag= {isEmpty? "Job can not be vacant": "Kind your New Job below"}
version=" laid out"
worth= {todoName}
inputRef= {todoInput}
onChange= {(e) => > {
setIsEmpty( incorrect);
InputProps= {{
design: {shade: isEmpty? warningColor: "preliminary"},.
InputLabelProps= {{
design: {shade: isEmpty? warningColor: "preliminary"},.
mistake= {isEmpty}
<< DialogActions>>.
<< Switch onClick= {handleClose} shade=" main">
> Terminate.
<< Switch.
onClick= {addTodo}
shade=" main"
impaired=  isLoading

Any kind of aid would certainly be substantially valued. Thanks.


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