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css – label contained in the textbox in html

I need to put the label contained in the textbox in html. I have no idea the best way to put label contained in the textbox. I need to make textbox like that.

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My View:

<div id="filter" model="show:none; background-color:#D3D3D3;border:1px; border-style:strong; border-color:black; border-radius:5px">
                        <choose asp-for="Enter.areaunit"  model="peak :50px; border-style:strong ;border-color: black;border-radius:5px; margin-left:100px;">
                            <choice worth="" hidden>Choose space Unit</choice>
                            <choice worth="Kanal">Kanal</choice>
                            <choice worth="Marla">Marla</choice>
                            <choice worth="Sq. Toes">Sq. Toes</choice>
                            <choice worth="Sq. Meter">Sq. Meter</choice>
                            <choice worth="Sq. Yards">Sq. Yards</choice>
                        <label for="space">Space</label>
                        <enter kind="quantity" placeholder="space"title="space" asp-for="" autocomplete="false" model="peak :50px ;border-color: black; border-style:strong ; margin-top:5px;margin-bottom:3px; border-radius:5px;" />
                            <enter kind="quantity" placeholder="worth" title="worth" asp-for="Enter.worth"  model="peak :50px ; border-color: black;  border-style:strong ; margin-top:5px;margin-bottom:3px; border-radius:5px;" />
                            <label for="worth">Worth</label>


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