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css – Just how to deal with a flex container to ratain the size as well as elevation of cards undamaged as well as various other positioning problem?

I actually require your aid below. I am brand-new to this Front End job as well as have actually sent couple of inquiries connected to this problem.

I am constructing an UI making use of respond js. Where i show the cards for items as well as sources. I am making use of screen flex in the container as well as making it center warranted. Yet the problem is

  • I intend to restrict 4 cards per row
  • The size as well as hight of the cards to continue to be exact same irrespective of display dimension
  • I have 2 areas where i show cards, in the beginning area i am presenting 8 cards as well as the 2nd area i am presenting 2. I desire the cards must begin with exact same setting in the UI
  • Positioning problem with header area

Below is the code as well as Demonstration:

Below is just how it looks presently

enter image description here

I obtained some comments from various other inquiries i had actually pasted to make use of size to 1500px. Yet deep down i really feel, not an appropriate method as well as will certainly barge in some display. Yet in this instance also i see positioning concerns. listed below photo by utilizing 1500px in container size

enter image description here
Truly require your aid below to have a repair around it. If you want please paste the codesandbox or anyother relate to a functioning code.


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