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css – Formatting result of code portion in Book record making use of class.source

I have actually been servicing producing customized result making use of a Book record and also have actually had concerns using a design to the code pieces, especially. I had the ability to use a custom-made style to the result of the code making use of Book’s “class-output” alternative, yet when attempting to make use of “class-source” I have actually not had the very same success.

This is my present YAML:

title: "Alter Throughout in R".
caption: "Victor Porcelli".
title-block-banner: real.
fontcolor: "# 964B00".
backgroundcolor: "#FEFEE 3".
number-sections: real.
mainfont: Bell MT.
css: styles.css.
embed-resources: real.
editor: aesthetic.
resemble: real.
consist of: real.

As you can see, I reference a “styles.css” record which is as complies with:

 out-chunk {
background-color: # 964B00;.

. out-text {
shade: # 964B00;.
boundary: 3px strong # 964B00;.

The code I run that effectively layouts the result is:

 #|class-output: out-text.
#|resemble: incorrect.
peek( datefix).

Nonetheless, when I attempt to run the adhering to code to style the code portion itself, it does not result formatted:

 #|class-source: out-chunk.
peek( datefix).

Does anybody recognize what may be creating this problem or a prospective workaround? I have actually checked out portion designing right here: https://bookdown.org/yihui/rmarkdown-cookbook/chunk-styling.html and also a couple of various other points yet have actually not had the ability to locate a service that functions.

I am attempting to use a custom-made css style to the code pieces of my.qmd, yet when the record is made the pieces are not formatted.


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