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css – Exactly how to place scrollbars on MDBootstrap WYSIWYG Editor

I am making use of the WYSIWYG editor that is just one of the parts of MDBootstrap 5 Pro, and also I am presenting it in a modal home window. Below’s the code:

 << div course=" modal framework discolor lower" id=" replyModal" tabindex=" -1" aria-labelledby=" replyModal" aria-hidden=" real">
<> < div course=" modal-dialog modal-frame modal-top">>.
<< div course=" modal-content">
<> < div course=" modal-header bcBlue text-white">>.
<< h5 course=" modal-title" id=" replyTitle">> Respond to Article<.
<< switch kind=" switch" course=" btn-close btn-close-white" data-mdb-dismiss=" modal" aria-label=" Close"><>  .
<< div course=" modal-body bcLightGray">>.
<< div course=" row">
<> < div course=" col-12 text-center">>.
<< div course=" wysiwyg" data-mdb-wysiwyg=" wysiwyg"
design=" size:75%; margin-left: vehicle; margin-right: vehicle;
data-mdb-wysiwyg-links-section=" incorrect" data-mdb-wysiwyg-textarea-name=" ReplyText"><>  .
<< div course=" modal-footer">
<> < switch kind=" switch" course=" btn btn-success" id=" btnPost">> Article< < switch kind=" switch" course=" btn btn-danger" data-mdb-dismiss=" modal">> Close< .

Every little thing presents appropriately, other than when the message being gotten in surpasses the elevation of the editor home window. The editor permits the modifying home window to prolong listed below the lower side of the moms and dad modal, which is simply hideous.

I did attempt placing scrollbars on the modal itself, however that mess up the modal and also still does not resolve the concern.

Does any individual understand exactly how to include scrollbars to the WYSIWYG editor to ensure that it remains the exact same dimension and also permits web content to scroll instead of create the editor home window to expand?


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