Monday, September 18, 2023
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CommandBox 5.9.1 Launched!

We delight in to introduce the basic schedule of CommandBox 5.9.1. This is a really little launch with 2 modifications.

  • Update to Lucee
  • Update packed JRE to 11.0.20 +8

Keep in mind Lucee consists of essential protection spots which are laid out below:

The brand-new Lucee variation impacts the core CLI runtime in addition to the default web server you obtain when running “web server beginning” without cfengine defined. Feasible compatibility concerns associated with the significant bump in Lucee variation:

  • This Lucee variation does not consist of Hibernate, so the Ortus Hibernate expansion is set up. We will certainly quit doing this in 6.0
  • This Lucee variation has rigorous XML parsing setups on by default which might influence any type of web servers you begin which analyze XML including DTDs.

If you do encounter XML mistakes, this code might aid you in your Application.cfc, which enables DTDs, yet still refuses XML exterior entities (XEE).

this.xmlFeatures= {
externalGeneralEntities: incorrect,.
disallowDoctypeDecl: incorrect.



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