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Code quicken: runtime.mapaccessX _ faststr – Obtaining Aid

I am self idea golang individual, or else mechanical designer (up until now from a programs specialist). I switched over from python to golang to quicken my job code as it can compete days, so any kind of quicken is truly valued, particularly as I make use of the code for evaluations on everyday basis.

I have actually been running consistently pprof profiling and also enhanced use collections any place feasible or changed it with very own code. Until now I am rather pleased, obtained the quicken wrt python for 82x, which is remarkable. I think my code is rather enhanced as pprof device reveals that my features are not on top any longer. Currently, concerning 56% of the moment is made use of by the features runtime.mapaccess1 _ faststr and also runtime.mapaccess2 _ faststr, which as suggests is accessing specifications in my map[string] map[string] * SomeParams Exists anyhow to boost or workaround this component or have I strike basically all-time low? Thanks kindly for any kind of professional point of view or a tip on this component.

Hi, @Rok_Petka, welcome back to the discussion forum!

Are the string tricks to these maps a well-known collection (that is, exist, for instance, 8 feasible type in either the external or internal map( s))? Perhaps you could make use of a struct rather?

Can you combine with each other the tricks, so rather than map[string] map[string] * SomeParams, where you alter your gain access to the worths from m["key1"]["key2"] to m[[2] string {"key1", "key2}] map[[2] string] * SomeParams? That must make it a solitary map gain access to rather than 2. However it’s still hashing/comparing 2 strings, so it could not in fact aid.

To provide any kind of various other concepts, I would certainly need to see the code to see what you’re making with the map, especially.

Hi @skillian, thanks for your e-mail and also responses, valued.

Your inquiries are all pertaining to the code, normally, so I’ll provide a glance on it as the code remains in total +30 k lines.

map[string] map[string] * SomeParams

As a whole, the code is extremely basic, the very first tricks of the map are merely days, and also the 2nd tricks are a system parts, its procedure controllers and so on and afterwards * SomeParams are components/controllers associated specifications, dimension worths and so on. As An Example:

day["2022-09-01"]["Turbine1"] EnergyFlow = SomeEquation
day["2022-09-01"]["Turbine1"] Temperature1 = MeasuredValue

So, the very first tricks ( days) remain in size of hundreds (can be thousands), the 2nd tricks ( components/controllers) in thousands and also * SomeParams in hundreds too. * SomeParams are a lot of the moment design formulas like warm and also mass equilibrium, Fourier-analysis specifications, and so on. This is primarily entire ideology, which winds up on a significant variety of map calls. Any type of concepts on renovation or practical restructuring?

Thanks quite.

PS: Thanks for the pointer: m[[2] string {"key1", "key2}] map[[2] string] * SomeParams though in this situation am uncertain if this would certainly be okay from the quality of code stand factor, maybe speed up also as stated.

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