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Clear Web browser for our very own web-app and also PWA [Using static HTML,CSS and JavaScript][like user can see desktop wallpaper through our web-app/PWA]

I am a newbie frontend programmer and also developer, I’m presently dealing with an webapplication (conversation) making use of outlet.

Languages I’m and also my close friend making use of:
Scala, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

I’m dealing with the HTML and also CSS and also JavaScript.
he operating in Scala.

I require to develop an application with the clear browser/background like we can see desktop computer wallpaper via our application or web site.

I listened to that, we can make use of Electron Structure to make this point means extra easier.But I kinda stick to the fixed js.

So people, kindly assist me with this.

Is it feasible to develop an internet application or browser-based Progressive Internet Application (PWA) that uses a clear user interface, enabling customers to see their desktop computer wallpaper via the application?


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