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Checking out pandas 2.0 & Targets for Apache Arrowhead– The Genuine Python Podcast

Real Python Podcast Episode #167 Title Artwork

Aug 04, 2023 1h 14m

Christopher Bailey
Marc Garcia

What are the brand-new methods to define your information in pandas 2.0? Will the enhancement of Apache Arrowhead to the information backside foster the development of information interoperability? Today on the program, we speak with pandas core programmer Marc Garcia concerning the launch of pandas 2.0.

Marc shares his history and also work with pandas. We review the background of information depiction in pandas and also the demand to relocate past NumPy. We additionally discuss exactly how Apache Arrowhead just fixes several of the problems.

We go into the possibility of an Apache Arrowhead backside and also exactly how it might provide interoperability in between information systems. We additionally cover the modest fostering and also backward-compatibility issues. Marc additionally shares his ideas on making pandas extra extensible.


  • 00:00:00— Intro
  • 00:02:07— Obtaining entailed with the pandas job
  • 00:03:48— Proceeded development of the system
  • 00:06:49— Identical branch advancement
  • 00:09:19— The intro of Apache Arrowhead
  • 00:18:53— Collaborating with NumPy information in pandas
  • 00:30:18— Arrowhead information kinds and also strings
  • 00:41:23— Video Clip Program Limelight
  • 00:42:37— Interoperability of Arrowhead information backside
  • 00:50:36— Could pandas be extra extensible?
  • 01:00:49— Python DataFrame Top 2023
  • 01:08:12— What are you delighted concerning worldwide of Python?
  • 01:11:13— What do you wish to find out following?
  • 01:12:12— Exactly how can individuals follow your job online?
  • 01:13:46— Many Thanks and also Farewell

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