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CBSecurity 3.1 Launched

We more than happy to introduce our initial small launch for CBSecurity v3.1.0, with some great updates and also a brand-new password generator.

What is CBSecurity

The ColdBox CBSecurity component is a collection of components to assist protect your ColdBox applications. The considerable locations of worry are:

  • A safety authentication/authorization firewall program which can protect your application based upon the following:
    • Protection guidelines and also a regulation engine for recognition of inbound occasions or link patterns
    • Trainer and also approach notes
  • A safety solution can be made use of to offer customer verification and also consent contexts using a proficient language technique.
  • A JWT generator, decoder, and also verification solutions
  • Cross-Site Demand Bogus (CSRF) Defense
  • A verification supervisor which can be plug-and-play with your verification solution or third-party solutions
  • HTTP Basic-Authentication solutions that offer standard customer credential storage space and also web browser difficulties
  • An icon for imagining the firewall program and also functional setups we carefully call the CBSecurity Visualizer
  • Industry-standard action headers to secure versus XSS, clickjacking, framework breaking, and also far more

Getting Going

You can quickly include protection to your ColdBox applications by setting up the component using CommandBox. Out of package, it will certainly protect your application making use of numerous market requirements headers and also techniques. Nevertheless, you will certainly need to set up which verification and also consent system it will certainly utilize. Take a look at our brand-new protection review guide:

# Set up.
set up cbsecurity.

# Update.
upgrade cbsecurity.

What’s New

This launch consists of a significant upgrade of our cbcsrf collection, however a lot more notably a method to create safe and secure and also arbitrary passwords utilizing our brand-new createPassword() approach in our CBSecurity item. Take a look at our launch notes:

Getting Passwords

Produce safe and secure and also arbitrary passwords with our createPassword() approach.

You can utilize the createPassword( size:32, letters: real, numbers: real, icons: real ).
// Produce an arbitrary password 32 personalities in size.
cbsecure(). createPassword().

// Produce without icons and also 16 personalities.
cbsecure(). createPassword( size: 16, icons: incorrect ).

// Produce without numbers and also 12 personalities.
cbsecure(). createPassword( size: 12, numbers: incorrect ).

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