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Babel Module Resolver with Jest

This tutorial is an element 2 of two within the sequence.

Right here you’ll learn to use Jest with Babel Module Resolver for aliases which might be outlined in your .babelrc file:



"plugins": [




"root": ["./"],

"alias": {

"@elements": "./src/elements",

"@constants": "./src/constants",






With the intention to get the identical alias mappings to Jest, the jest.config.js file must seem like this:

module.exports = {

roots: ['<rootDir>'],

moduleFileExtensions: ['js', 'ts', 'tsx', 'json'],

testPathIgnorePatterns: ['./node_modules/'],

moduleNameMapper: {

'^@elements(.*)$': '<rootDir>/src/elements$1',

'^@constants(.*)$': '<rootDir>/src/constants$1',


testEnvironment: 'jsdom',

rework: tsx)$': 'babel-jest',



Now you should use import statemes with aliases in your Jest testing surroundings too.


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