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ACF Builder Extension: Code Help

Adobe ColdFusion Builder Extension for Visible Studio Code

“Code Help”

Typically, the principle purpose we use a purpose-built IDE for our growth work is for getting assist with issues like code completion, hinting, scaffolding and different comparable options. That is typically a giant differentiator from extra simplified editors reminiscent of, for instance, Notepad.

VS Code comes out of the field with many highly effective options, however the CF extension provides particular code help options for Adobe ColdFusion code.

One of the crucial primary options is code-coloring, permitting you to extra simply learn by way of your CFML code, with colours representing several types of sections of your code, reminiscent of attributes, capabilities, tags and the like. And that’s only the start.

For instance, as you kind in code within VS Code, you may be prompted with potential tags, capabilities, parameters and attributes.

Understand that hints for JavaScript, CSS & HTML may seem relying on what you’ve typed and what the context is of the code you’ve written.

However that’s simply the fundamentals. When you’ve got elements written (CFCs) within the venture, they’ll seem as choices for createobject() or the <cfobject> tag. Strategies within these CFCs may also seem, in addition to lists of all built-in and user-defined capabilities.

In case you’ve created variables, they may also be out there to insert into your code. In case you’ve created queries utilizing the queryNew() or <cfquery> tag, they are going to be seen to make use of. And should you cfinclude a web page, the capabilities, varibles, tags and queries from that web page may also turn into out there to view and use.



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