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A Week of Symfony # 868 (14-20 August 2023) (Symfony Blog Site)

Today, growth task concentrated on dealing with insects for secure variations. On the other hand, the upcoming Symfony 6.4 variation included 2 brand-new energy approaches in the base AbstractController course to assist you make layout blocks. Finally, the SymfonyLive Paris 2024 meeting revealed that its Ask For Documents is open

Symfony growth highlights

Today, 45 pull demands were combined (31 in code and also 14 in docs) and also 61 concerns were shut (54 in code and also 7 in docs). Leaving out merges, 24 writers made 1,990 enhancements and also 915 removals. See information for code and also docs

5.4 changelog:

  • 997b97b: [DependencyInjection] solution dump xml with array/object/enum default worth
  • 370d5c0: [Console] solution linewraps in OutputFormatter
  • 3bff6fe: [Validator] dump Legitimate restraints on debug command

6.3 changelog:

  • 7e9c46d: [DependencyInjection] permit passing an inline_service to a service_locator
  • aba725f: [AssetMapper] dealing with insect where a round exemption can be tossed while making mistake message
  • c60e6b6: [Notifier, Pushover] solution void technique phone call + enhance exemption message
  • 2991661: [Console] stay clear of several brand-new line when message currently finishes with a brand-new line in area outcome
  • a3e9a00: [HttpKernel] solution missing out on Demand in RequestStack for StreamedResponse
  • 6bc9982: [Validator] include comment in Restraint

6.4 changelog:

  • a70e5e1: [Validator] change notes with features in examinations
  • c2ac73c: [DomCrawler] included debate $default to technique Spider:: attr()
  • 1e6b567: [Lock] include some missing out on return enters examinations
  • bb8c76d: [Clock] toss DateMalformedStringException/DateInvalidTimeZoneException when suitable
  • 11b587a: [FrameworkBundle, Validator] change comment by feature in examinations
  • d07f17a: [FrameworkBundle] deprecate not establishing some choices
  • 4439602: [FrameworkBundle] deprecate not establishing some choices (uid, recognition)
  • 9a0f178: [FrameworkBundle] include AbstractController:: renderBlock() and also renderBlockView()

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