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A Week of Symfony # 867 (7-13 August 2023) (Symfony Blog Site)

Today, the upcoming Symfony 6.4 deprecated some config choice pertaining to safety, boosted efficiency a little bit by eliminating unneeded telephone calls for solutions and also boosted the freshly presented Workflow profiler panel. On top of that, the SymfonyLive Berlin 2023 meeting introduced its workshops

Symfony growth highlights

Today, 51 pull demands were combined (22 in code and also 29 in docs) and also 27 concerns were shut (17 in code and also 10 in docs). Leaving out merges, 27 writers made 1,642 enhancements and also 912 removals. See information for code and also docs

5.4 changelog:

  • 1a2eb14: [Messenger] constantly return bool from carrier amqp link nack
  • 3579d24: [Mailer] upgrade Brevo SMTP host
  • 5204e80: [FrameworkBundle] modification default teaching DBAL supplier to XML characteristic
  • 2c8e5fd: [FrameworkBundle] include missing out on default-doctrine-dbal-provider cache swimming pool credit to XSD
  • 83e60df: [DoctrineBridge] silence ORM deprecation
  • 6d45e0a: [Process] repair silencing wait when making use of a sigchild-enabled binary

6.3 changelog:

  • 785b66a: [Serializer] make deprecation message extra workable
  • 6d11c7a: [FrameworkBundle] repair XSD for handle-all-throwables

6.4 changelog:

  • 7513b48: [FrameworkBundle] change conditional declarations by a straightforward Null Coalescing driver in KernelTestCase:: createKernel
  • a8da87e: [OptionsResolver] boost void kind message on embedded choice
  • 922e98e: [SecurityBundle] deprecate the require_previous_session config choice
  • 15d7b1b: get rid of unwanted phone call to setPublic( incorrect)
  • d6d233b: [Workflow] utilize TRANSITION_TYPE_WORKFLOW for making operations in profiler
  • bacbe8d: [Notifier] include GoIP bridge
  • 6141656: [Notifier, Webhook] include Vonage assistance

7.0 changelog:

  • 7784ee1: [SecurityBundle] get rid of the require_previous_session config choice

Most recent concerns and also draw demands

SymfonyCasts Updates

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