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A Week of Symfony # 866 (31 July

Today, the upcoming Symfony 6.4 and also 7.0 variations combined greater than 60 pull demands with brand-new attributes. On the other hand, Symfony released a brand-new campaign to assist you arrange your following Symfony-related meetup

Symfony advancement highlights

Today, 137 pull demands were combined (114 in code and also 23 in docs) and also 97 problems were shut (64 in code and also 33 in docs). Leaving out merges, 44 writers made modifications. See information for code and also docs

5.4 changelog:

  • b458745: [DoctrineBridge] enable to get rid of LazyLoaded audiences by item
  • f299846: [Workflow] repair MermaidDumper when location has unique char
  • 2f1ba4c: [Messenger] include ahead compatibily with php-amqp v2
  • c43dcc6: [Cache] harden LockRegistry examinations by thinking about PHP documents just

6.3 changelog:

  • 17415c6: [Clock] lots feature just otherwise packed prior to
  • fbb3f05: [Crawler] repair regression where cdata nodes will certainly return vacant string
  • 2f8af44: [DependencyInjection, HttpKernel] repair utilizing #[AutowireCallable] with controller debates
  • bbb5f5c: [DependencyInjection] do not include return in LazyClosure when return sort of closure is void
  • ceb0103: include before/after instances to 6.3 UPGRADE overview

6.4 changelog:

  • 10487c7: Customer much shorter closures
  • 07eea6d: [Mailer] exact AbstractApiTransport:: getRecipients trademark
  • 62904a6: [Scheduler] include AbstractTriggerDecorator
  • 139419d: do not state the PSR-7 bridge to be changed by symfony/symfony
  • be8897b: [Notifier] assistance neighborhood advancement for sns by including sslmode choice
  • 46386c2: prevent irregular override of getRecipients
  • 15e082d: [Serializer] teams annotation/attribute on course
  • 11b538c: [BrowserKit] include debate $serverParameters to click() and also clickLink()
  • 9d47ba3: [PsrHttpMessageBridge] assistance php-http/discovery for auto-detecting PSR-17 manufacturing facilities
  • d660091: [Scheduler] make ScheduledStamp send-able
  • fbb3f05: [Crawler] repair regression where cdata nodes will certainly return vacant string
  • 185941e: [Workflow] include assistance for keeping the noting in a residential or commercial property
  • 489c887: [Translation] Expression translation carrier
  • 3b34568: [Serializer] include assistance for seld/jsonlint
  • 3b6d372: [HttpKernel] RequestPayloadValueResolver Include assistance for personalized http standing code
  • f309b1d: [Uid] include even more PHP doc to “export” features
  • ae19099: [HttpKernel] include reset() execution in DataCollector
  • f40687e: [FrameworkBundle, Serializer] include TranslatableNormalizer
  • 5fcaa74: [Form] getting rid of self-closing reduce from input areas
  • 1300cc2: [Workflow] include a profiler
  • 268a359: [Validator] confirm time without secs
  • e66a68c: [Process] assistance utilizing Refine:: findExecutable() individually of open_basedir
  • 3a2b8cb: [Mime] upgrade mimetypes
  • 7597687: [Intl] include assistance for ISO 3166-1 numerical codes
  • db1d6eb: [HttpKernel] strip exemption data courses from log messages
  • 3303fa2: [Workflow] assistance multiline summaries in PlantUML
  • 72c80dd: [Notifier] record Notifier SSLMODE choice
  • 7a8959b: [Form] make use of rational buying for kind and also expansion approaches
  • 3db10d5: [FrameworkBundle] get rid of repetitive interface_exists() check
  • c864846: [HttpKernel] assistance backed enums in #[MapQueryParameter]
  • 08b93ad: [FrameworkBundle] make it possible for json_decode_detailed_errors in dev by default
  • 2f85c15: [Uid] include added kind details to TimeBaseUuidFactory fabricator
  • cf3f52a: [Security] include common to UserProviderInterface
  • 3c9bf28: [FrameworkBundle] get rid of outdated attribute discovery from cache warmers
  • 0ba946a: [Process] presenting a brand-new PhpSubprocess trainer
  • 623e921: [Workflow] include PHP credits to sign up audiences and also guards
  • f956606: [Scheduler] include– day to timetable: debug
  • fa3d5d4: [Scheduler] include some docs to discuss the actions
  • 20cefc8: [Scheduler] just make use of toString if specified for message
  • 6522566: [Scheduler] mark part as non speculative
  • 7e4793b: [AssetMapper] mark part as non speculative
  • 5da7dbf: [Webhook] mark part as non speculative
  • 18b9cad: [RemoteEvent] mark part as non speculative
  • bbb5f5c: [DependencyInjection] do not include return in LazyClosure when return sort of closure is void
  • dc94413: [FrameworkBundle] repair minimum needed HttpKernel part variation
  • 0ce5112: [RemoteEvent, Webhook] include Mailjet assistance
  • 608c3ed: [HttpFoundation] make use of Symfony exemption for demand unanticipated worths
  • f78bbe0: [Scheduler] show pleasant days in debug: timetable
  • 49a1253: [RemoteEvent, Webhook] include Brevo assistance
  • 532dcda: [MonologBridge, SecurityBundle] get rid of contact us to TokenInterface:: isAuthenticated()
  • 0a9ef56: [FrameworkBundle] assistance APP_BUILD_DIR
  • ec7d86a: [SecurityBundle] include $badges debate to Safety and security:: login
  • bee1b9d: [Scheduler] include– all to debug: timetable
  • 7ebccf7: [DomCrawler, FrameworkBundle] include assertAnySelectorText *
  • c43dcc6: [Cache] harden LockRegistry examinations
  • 34f46c6: [Security] do not make PasswordUpgraderInterface a common
  • 6d7ca72: [FrameworkBundle, HttpKernel, MonologBridge] review electrical wiring of debug loggers
  • cd53a82: boost 6.4 UPGRADE overview

7.0 changelog:

  • 2b86aa3: [Security] get rid of extra code regarding ROLE_PREVIOUS_ADMIN
  • 934dbad: [PsrHttpMessageBridge]
  • ae04717: [MonologBridge] get rid of Monolog 1 compat from FirePHPHandlerTest
  • b7ac126: boost upgrade overview 7.0 + get rid of 6.x overviews
  • 4e19a66: [FrameworkBundle, MonologBridge] get rid of lately deprecated icons

Most recent problems and also draw demands

Symfony CLI

Symfony CLI is an essential device when establishing
Symfony applications on your neighborhood equipment. It consists of the
Symfony Resident Web Server,.
the most effective method to run neighborhood Symfony applications. Today Symfony CLI launched.
its brand-new 5.5.8
variation with the adhering to modifications:

  • Update sustained solutions (@fabpot)
  • Update deps (@fabpot)

SymfonyCasts Updates

SymfonyCasts is the main method to find out Symfony.
Select a track for a led course with 100+ video clip tutorial training courses around.
Symfony, PHP and also JavaScript.

These were a few of one of the most appropriate SymfonyCasts updates
of the week:

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