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A Week of Symfony # 846 (13-19 March 2023) (Symfony Blog Site)

Today, the upcoming Symfony 6.3 variation included assistance for 103 standing code (Very early Tips), upgraded the solution container building contractor to utilize PHP weak recommendations, as well as included 3 brand-new elements: Webhook as well as RemoteEvent as well as a Scheduler part Last but not least, Symfony revealed a brand-new Symfony seminar in Berlin (October 5-6, 2023).

Symfony growth highlights

Today, 44 pull demands were combined (27 in code as well as 17 in docs) as well as 37 problems were shut (26 in code as well as 11 in docs). Leaving out merges, 30 writers made payments. See information for code as well as docs

5.4 changelog:

  • e1b1b7d: [VarDumper] dealt with discarding of CutStub
  • 2721aba: [FrameworkBundle] relabel limiter’s approach to plan in XSD
  • 67b9ac9: [HttpKernel] modification limitation debate from string to integer for Profiler
  • 0874ea8: quit stop-watch occasions in instance of exemption
  • f4177aa: [Validator] upgrade BIC validator IBAN mappings
  • 6ab60c4: [String] appropriate inflection of ‘codes’ as well as ‘names’
  • 7dccccd: [Serializer] GetSetMethodNormalizer:: supportss needs to not inspect overlooked techniques
  • be3a378: [Validator] include translations for the filename max size validator choice
  • b8c780b: [HttpClient] inscribe as well as translate curly braces {}

6.2 changelog:

  • 8b96961: [FrameworkBundle] clearly established the HTTP approach override choice to incorrect

6.3 changelog:

  • da9e54a: [DomCrawler] boost html5Parser examinations
  • 163c570: [HttpFoundation] include assistance for the 103 standing code (Very early Tips) as well as various other 1XX standings
  • 6b14137: [Form] boost exemption for unsubmitted type
  • cf55f2b: [HttpFoundation] deprecate passing void URI to Demand:: develop
  • b0054f6: [ErrorHander] present exemption buildings in the HTML mistake web page
  • 64b4574: [DependencyInjection] generalise as well as streamline parsing of autowiring characteristics
  • cb39a7f: [DependencyInjection] utilize weak recommendations in ContainerBuilder
  • c918829: [Webhook, RemoteEvent] include the elements
  • 9aa6e08: repair DI reasoning when mailer is readily available however webhook is not
  • 67d8daa: [FrameworkBundle] include scoped httplug customers as well as deprecate httplugs utilize like psr18 customer
  • bf4cc88: [Validator] include PHPDoc space return kinds
  • da8e8d0: [Config] boost efficiency of GlobResource
  • b42027b, 74878d8: [Messenger] include a Scheduler part
  • 8b96961: [FrameworkBundle] clearly established the HTTP approach override choice to incorrect
  • d34e4fc: [Scheduler] eliminate extra variable in AddScheduleMessengerPass
  • c77b407: [Notifier] include “retry” as well as “end” choices to Piece of cake bridge
  • 5fbf9be: [WebProfilerBundle] change assistant with _ self in serializer.html.twig

Latest problems as well as draw demands

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