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A Week of Symfony # 833 (12-18 December 2022) (Symfony Blog Site)

Today, Symfony 6.2.2 upkeep variation was launched. On the other hand, growth task concentrated on dealing with insects of steady variations and also including brand-new functions for the upcoming Symfony 6.3 variation, such as the assistance of tags in dd() and also dump() features Additionally, the last seminar keynote video clip was released free of cost so you can view Fabien presenting 2 brand-new parts for Symfony 6.3

Symfony growth highlights

Today, 65 pull demands were combined (48 in code and also 17 in docs) and also 48 problems were shut (42 in code and also 6 in docs). Omitting merges, 42 writers made 2,256 enhancements and also 712 removals. See information for code and also docs

5.4 changelog:

  • c47bedf: [ErrorHandler] repair some brand-new return kinds sustain in DebugClassLoader
  • 64d145c: repair obtaining the name of closures on PHP 8.1.11
  • 2c24bbc: [Yaml] solution unloading high-level labelled worths
  • 8cb094c, ed1ab3f: [Mime] solution MessagePart serialization
  • 5a68b8c: [FrameworkBundle] enable setting up framework.exceptions with a config building contractor
  • e0bd8e1: make use of fixed approaches inside information carriers
  • a810772: [HttpClient] rise TraceableHttpClient designer concern
  • af562a7: [WebProfilerBundle] solution dump header not being shown
  • f115d7a: [HttpFoundation] solution unloading selection cookies
  • 5ec600e: [Serializer] protect against GetSetMethodNormalizer from producing void magic approach telephone call
  • 70b403d: [Messenger] included missing out on rpc_timeout alternative in Amqp
  • 73e03fb: [Cache] solution managing ext-redis’ multi/exec returning a bool
  • 18a2323: [HttpFoundation] usage loved one timestamps with MemcachedSessionHandler
  • d38ef67: [Mailer] consist of all transportations’ debug messages in RoundRobin transportation exemption
  • 35ac2d1: [DependencyInjection] common personal solutions ends up being public after a civil service is accessed
  • 7e2a88a: [HttpKernel] AbstractSessionListener needs to not bypass the cache life time for personal feedbacks

6.1 changelog:

  • 7ed7e92: [ErrorHandler, HttpKernel] solution checking out the SYMFONY_IDE env var
  • f14901e: [HtmlSanitizer] solution HtmlSanitizer default arrangement actions for permitted systems
  • caffee8: [Console] solution clear line with inquiry in area

6.2 changelog:

  • 0498238: [DependencyInjection] solution insect when tag name is a message node
  • 4e8c602: [Console] solution missing out on command not matching namespace mistake message
  • 138fd23: [TwigBundle] alias BodyRendererInterface
  • 21a1abb: [SecurityBundle] solution authenticator presence sign in Protection:: login()
  • b000c05: [Translation] solution removal when managing VariadicPlaceholder criteria
  • 0f5a556: [HttpKernel] solution CacheAttributeListener concern
  • 170c5b2: [ExpressionLanguage] solution BC of cached SerializedParsedExpression having GetAttrNode
  • 2c632f0: [FrameworkBundle] container: debug CLI outcome enhancements for left out solutions
  • f3ed8cd: [Validator] enable opt-out of EmailValidator deprecation when utilizing Recognition:: createValidatorBuilder()
  • 28fe177: [Cache] solution lazyness of redis when utilizing RedisTagAwareAdapter
  • 7df2468: [Serializer] solution context characteristic with serializedName

6.3 changelog:

  • 4829c67: [HttpKernel] solution incorrect deprecation message
  • c1d281d: [FrameworkBundle] enable to stay clear of restriction interpretation in a RateLimiter arrangement when utilizing the no_limit plan
  • d8d93c6: [VarDumper] include assistance of called disagreements to dd() and also dump() to present a tag
  • 68725da: [Notifier] enable to upgrade Slack messages
  • 8e5e268: [HttpFoundation] produce movement for session table when pdo trainer is utilized
  • c2e4460: usage:: course for Completely Certified Course Names
  • e7482d7: [Validator] upgrade ValidatorBuilder remark for enableAnnotationMapping
  • b3a2301: [Messenger] step Transport/InMemoryTransport to Transport/InMemory/InMemoryTransport

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